Why does it seem that we so often do the wrong thing instead of the right thing??


Romans 7:15
I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do.

The apostle Paul gives an account of the struggle he faced between his humanness and his spirit. He says that sometimes before he even realized what he was doing that the sinfulness would just overtake him and he hated it because it seemed like he had no control over it. He desired to do the whole will of God and though he did many good things he didn’t always do the good he willed. He hated the sin he did because it was opposite of the pure and holy nature of God. If the apostle Paul struggled with doing right all the time we shouldn’t beat ourselves up because we don’t do right all the time either. When we believe on Him we still keep our human nature and I don’t know about you all but I am often left wondering how my human nature can take control of things like it can. We will never be perfect in this life! God showed me a long time ago that I would never attain perfection and to give up trying to be a perfectionist. Instead we should strive for excellence in all we do!!!

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One Response to Why does it seem that we so often do the wrong thing instead of the right thing??

  1. I DO KNOW THE ANSWER! This is something that people will NEVER learn in today’s ‘feel good’ churches. The answer is very simple and straight from the Bible itself. We often do wrong things, or even do what we never thought we would because the spirit (our spirit) is ALWAYS AT WAR with our flesh! We have ‘feel good’ churches today because we have generations of people who honestly have little to no understanding of the Bible. All people want is something they can FEEL and SEE. People want to be entertained. They want to look good. They want people to worship them. People beg to be stroked because THEY ARE SERVING THEIR FLESH!!! Such a people cannot be followers of Christ. There is a huge difference in battling against the flesh, we do something wrong and then make a sincere repentance but too few do this today. Sincere repentance seeks the Lord to not return to the same sins. God understands and forgives these people. But that ‘feely’ crowd rather idolizes hypocrisy and the Lord is NOT WITH THEM. While they think they are worship God their sins are pushing them into deeper disilluionment and deceit.


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