How to tell a true prophet

I had to break this video down into 4 parts because the full program is about 1 hour and 15 minutes long and it would not upload in full. I hate that but nothing I could do about it. I think it is a great program though. People need to get informed about this because too many people are making excuses for these people claiming to be prophets. Our eyes should be on Jesus only and not man to begin with.

God pulled me out of a cult. Enticing words, charismatic all describe men who come in the name of God and look all spiritual but operate under demonic spirits to lure people astray. This man and his wife always wear black. The man always wears the same black pants, the same black shoes, the same black shirt and jacket with a big symbol on the back. The wife who calls herself a “prophetess” says she cannot pray for anyone. The signs of this cult go on and on.

I have left this cult, but many have not. Many are still there and deceived. I was accused of going against “the leader” and this leader kicked me out and had me arrested in order to shut me up. Then he paid off the law to have me court ordered off the property, watched and followed. This leader is creating “cells” in order to gain members who will submit to him and give him money. He has associated himself with the largest Christian network in the world in order to lure people into his cult. When he prays, demonic entities go to work on his behalf. He has imparted deceiving spirits amongst  people to blind their eyes to the spirit he is operating under. Members are set up to set out and deceive others in the same way.

 Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world. -1 John 4:1

  • They appear harmless but are not
  • They are extortioners and robbers
  • They come to extract a price from the sheep
  • They are capable of showing signs and wonders
  • They are able to deceive
  • They bring a slow and gradual introduction of heresies
  • They cause people to despise and speak ill of the truth
  • They use false emotion and pretend to be affected by their own words
  • They cleverly craft their words to have an effect in order to deceive
  • They traffic in sheep and use them for the personal gain
  • They use false and deceptive visions
  • They claim to hear and speak for God but fail to uncover sin in the flock.
  • They do not truly loose the captives but fill them with false hope and delusions
  • They are greedy and never have enough
  • They teach things that they do not understand
  • They are territorial
  • They lead people along a difficult path instead of leading them to a place of rest
  • They feed themselves but do not feed the sheep
  • They feast on the very ones they are supposed to be feeding
  • They do not strengthen the weak
  • They do not truly heal the sick
  • They do not bind up the broken
  • They do not seek after those they have driven away
  • They do not seek the lost
  • They lead the flock with force and cruelty
  • They do not care about sheep who have wandered off
  • They leave the sheep open to attack from beasts of the field
  • They prophesy lies and false visions
  • Their words are empty, worthless and deceitful
  • They speak that all is well to people who are clearly in sin and at enmity with God
  • They say they speak for the Lord but they don’t
  • They say the Lord has sent them but He hasn’t
  • Their visions come from their own heart and not from the Lord’s
  • They prophesy witchcraft and divination
  • They are hirelings and only in if for themselves
  • They make people vain
  • They falsely tell people that no harm will befall them instead of warning them
  • They destroy and scatter the sheep
  • They commit adultery
  • They walk in lies
  • They reinforce sin by telling people what they want to hear
  • They claim their dreams are from the Lord
  • They cause people to prefer to be led by dreams and visions rather than the word of God.
  • They cause people to exchange true worship for pagan worship
—- Post gratefully copied from Discernment Ministries —-

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

What is the difference between a prophet and a psychic?

False teachers, false prophets, false doctrines

What does the Bible say is a true prophet of God?

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  1. anne says:

    All is true and inspiring. Thanks for your obedience!


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