Our website has been removed from the internet

Our propheciesofrevelation.org website has been down since this past Thursday evening. GoDaddy who host our website NEVER EMAILED me or written me in any fashion about the following complaint until I accidentally discovered our site was gone and contacted them. I have been very upset with the manner in which GoDaddy has handled this situation. They have been totally unprofessional. Before lawlessness took over this country it would have been illegal the way they have handled this entire situation.

The following man who says he owns “biblestudy.org” has made a complaint claiming that our website is in violation of his copyright.

Name: Alan Ruth
Addresses: PO Box 3393,
Farmington Hills, MI. 48333, USA
Phone: 248-875-4409
Email Address: webmaster@biblestudy.org

I have been in communication with GoDaddy.com. Their Copyright Dept has failed show me any proof of this violation. They cannot even indicate to me specifically what the complaint is. I have contacted Mr. Alan Ruth as GoDaddy recommended but Mr. Ruth is not talking either.

It is my belief that Mr. Ruth has something to hide and was setup and paid off by Marty Layton to get our website removed when there is no actual violation of anything. It is all being kept hush, hush again.

I am sorry to the readers of our website. Mom and I have truly appreciated all of the kind comments we have received and have been very pleased to hear so many people tell us that they were led to our website by the Lord. Even more special are those who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

We are living in the end times when persecution against genuine Christ followers continues to increase. Marty has a vendetta against me and my mother for exposing him and Kim Clement as a fake. Matt too. They harass me especially whenever they can continually to this day. Six years have passed but jezebels never give up. They continue to plot and devise evil while digging a deeper pit for themselves.

Perhaps GoDaddy will recognize the truth and put the website back up but do not count on it. I expect their hasty actions are permanent.

The time of our Lord’s return is at hand. Dotti will continue writing daily devotionals for as long as she can. Unless something changes this devotional page and our video pages will be all we have remaining on the internet.

May the Lord bless all of you who supported our website.



There is no such thing as a copyright on a sentence. No one owns the words “word of faith” or “name and claim it.”

Infringing URL or Web Address:

Copyrighted text on infringing page begins with:
” the Word of Faith . . .” and ends with “name it and claim it.”

Alan Ruth is no Christian man to demand the removal of an entire website for the sakes of a sentence in the first place. If he was a genuine Christian then he would have first privately emailed me and shown me actual proof of any copyright.

Mr. Ruth, may you and your website be as blessed as you have blessed me and mine.


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