Then Your message is like a fire burning deep within me.

Jeremiah 20:9
Then your message is like a fire burning deep within me. I try my best to hold it in, but can no longer keep it back.

When the fire burns deeply within – we cannot keep it in. We must share it with others!! There is a term that is used within Christianity that someone is on fire for the Lord!! That person spends countless hours in the Bible and can’t keep things about Him to themselves, they have to share about Him as is spoken of in today’s verse. Sometimes after many years of being a Christian we become complacent and don’t want to share about Him or spend time in His Word. When the prophet Jeremiah had proclaimed God’s word and prophesied outside the Temple, he was arrested and whipped and put in stocks. He cried out to God from his heart because when he stopped sharing the word of the Lord, it then burned like a fire deep within him and he couldn’t hold it back any more. That we could have the same happen to us!! Placed in stocks and still crying out about God to others. My prayer, my dear Abba – my precious Lord, is that the fire inside us if not aflame will be reignited and we will burn for You now and will burn forever!!

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