Be holy because I AM holy. .

1 Peter 1:16
For it is written, “Be holy because I AM holy”.

How many times has someone wronged you and you have lashed out at the person in anger? Or have you plotted against someone who has treated you unfairly thinking – “well – I will get even with them?” The bible tells us that the battle belongs to the Lord and is not ours to fight. Abba Father – You are the great Warrior who fights our battles – the Lion of Judah who declares us righteous when we have accepted and believed in the provision made by Your Son. We must be holy because You are holy!! A visiting pastor last week told it like it is. We were sitting in a “sinner’s convention”. We are all sinners, no one is righteous all the time and never sins!

2 Chronicles 20:15
For the battle is not yours – but God’s!!!

Proverbs 20:22
Do not say, “I’ll pay you back for this wrong.” Wait for the Lord and He will deliver you!!

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