– Nothing Has The Power To Save –

Nothing has the power to save Jesus – but Your Names!!!!! For a long time at night before I fell asleep I would start with the letter – A- and try and think of all the Names for the Lord for each letter. I would usually fall asleep somewhere in the -G’s – or before. I wrote a list out and then could follow along with the list and just continue to praise Him!!!!! ❤

A.  Alpha, Air, Abba, Almighty, Author and perfecter of Faith, Absolute, Adonai, Advocate, Ancient of Days,
B.  Bright Morning Star, Beginning, Bridegroom,  Brother, Bread of Life, Breath, Beloved, 
C.  Christ, Creator, Comforter, Chief Cornerstone, Captain of our Salvation  
D.  Deliverer, Delight, Daddy, Door
E.  End, Everything, Extraordinary, El Shaddai, Elohim, Everlasting, Emmanuel
F.  Father, Friend, Firstborn of all creation, First, Faithful, 
G.  God, Great, Glory, Grace, Glorious, Good Shepherd, Gracious  
H.  High Priest, Hope, Heir, Helper, Hiding place
I.  I AM,  Immanuel, 
J.  Jesus, Joy, Jehovah Jirah, Jehovah Shalom, Jehovah Rapha, Justifier, Jehovah Rohi, 
K. King, Keeper, 
L.   Lion, Lamb, Life, Lord, Lover of my soul, Light, last, Living water
M.  Most High, Messiah, Majestic, Mediator, Merciful, Maker of the Day, My portion
N.  Name above all names, 
O.  Omega,  
P.  Priest, Passion, Power, Peace, Potter, Prophet, Purifier, Prince of peace,
Q. Qualifier, 
R.  Redeemer, Resurrection, Rock, Righteous Branch, Root of Jesse,  Root of David, Ruler,  
S.  Saviour, Sin bearer, Strength, Salvation, Sovereign, Son, Shield, Sanctuary, Sceptor, Spirit of truth, 
T.  Teacher, Truth, True Vine
U. Unseen, Ultimate 
V.  Victory,  Vine dresser
W.  Way, Word,  Wonderful, 
X.  Xristo/v (Christ, Messiah in Greek.)
Y.  Yahweh, Yeshua, 
Z.  Zeal, 
JEHOVAH: “Lord” “I Am who I Am”
JEHOVAH JIREH: “The Lord will Provide” 
JEHOVAH RAPHA: “The Lord Who Heals”
JEHOVAH NISSI: “The Lord Our Banner
JEHOVAH M’KADDESH: “The Lord Who Sanctifies, Makes Holy”   
JEHOVAH SHALOM: “The Lord Our Peace”
JEHOVAH TSIDKENU: “The Lord Our Righteousness” 
JEHOVAH ROHI: “The Lord Our Shepherd”
JEHOVAH SHAMMAH: “The Lord is There”
Be blessed in Him and walk in His strength!! 
Matthew 28:19-20
Therefore Go! (and make disciples of all nations)




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