A New Year And A New Focus.

The new year has already begun – has anybody thought about what they will be focusing on this year in their relationship with the Lord? For several years I worked on humility. Less of me and more of Him. I am a very outspoken person and tended to overshadow the Lord with my personality. Yikes worked on that for several years. Then it was obedience for a couple of years. For the last few years it has been surrender. I believe that when I am completely surrendered and just broken before the Lord that everything else will just happen naturally. Surrender isn’t easy especially for someone like me. It is not a one day one time thing but something that must be done daily really every moment of every day. I will let you know how I am doing with it and report back. Would love to hear what you all are focusing on as well. God bless you all this coming year in your relationship with our King. ♡


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