Struggle through the week

Sorry i haven’t written in a few day. I been attending a lot of church activities more then you can imagine. Many of you don’t know much about me since i don’t talk too much about myself since these post are about God. But i would like to share a bit about me in this one. Currently i am recovery from a surgery on a hernia. So i am off work for about 2-3 month. During this time i decided to get more involved in church then normal.

The last few days i been feeling down. No particular reason. My temperament tend to make me feel down when i have a lot of time in my hand.

John 11:35 Jesus wept.

Shortest verse in the bible but this shows us that even the perfect man Jesus our savior was sad. Jesus went through all the struggles we go through every day. He humble him self to die for our sins. (Philippians 2:_)

Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

This verse is one we should all consider when feeling down or going through a struggle. Me having a Melancholy temperament leads me to look at this verse often. Its very motivating to know that Christ can strengthen us in the area we are most weak.

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4 Responses to Struggle through the week

  1. Richard Lyon-Amanquah Senyoh says:

    Dear Writer,

    The Lord heal you completely according to His words

    Richard Lyon-Amanquah Senyoh Capstone technologies Limited West Airport – Accra 0249931353/0267370232 ________________________________


  2. Philippians 2….what? Good devotional though. It is very humbling to know that even Jesus became emotional and cried.


  3. grimey1991 says:

    Philippians Chapter 2, Verses 5 through 8. I just put that to refer to what i was saying is in that chapter.


  4. endtimeepochs says:

    Time on our hands coupled with a penchant for bearing burdens are two aspects which are defiing elements of the design that God, Jesus and the Holy spirit has seen to have included in your blue print.

    Many years after an extended chapter of traumatic spiritual warfare I was graced with a series of dreams. Each contained the common theme of aspects of the warfare except the common thread was the city.

    This was not any ordinary city. this is where Jesus raised us up. It began at the time God’s voice invaded my car when he boomed out that he ordered me to “build three churches”. I had only to presume he meantthe City which I had helped incorporate which I residedin at the time.

    I put this mandate on the shelf for him to bring it to the top of the list a year later. Ten years later after this intense spiritual battle and the third church breaking ground I was graced to be imparted a message he had personally imparted to an Apostlein Uganda. Ittook this manover ten years face to face with the master to have arrranged this message.

    It is entitled ” The Church Awakening Message”. The top of the first page scripturally defines the four churches.”Dead, Sleeping, Sleep Walking and Glorious. So which three do you think he had me phsically build?The first three all while he was seeing to in his infinite wisdom building me and my wife as the Glorious Church.

    If ever led can share this teaching with you as well asmany of the experiences along the way.

    Finally circuling back around to time and the dreams with the common element of place. If you study two passages of scripture there can be elements seen which many with time and an inate ability to bear burdens might ordinarliy miss. I did until the dreams and revelation knowledge seeped in.

    Joshua and David in stepping ( literally both in place as well as in time) out of God’s perfect will wound up defiling both place and time not to mention those who were following them. These aspects of course were recorded by both the second and third heaven. This “date stamp” if you will gave the principalaty over the territory a slight edge to rail against them both in the courts of heaven. Except this argument is waged from a source higher up in the ranks of the nemesis of God and his people.

    This entetie’s higher ranking affords it to not only use these elements of defilement but also has an ability to cloak or morph itself from any of the charcteristicsof the lower ranking family of eneties. This lower ranking family are not only those who you have described in the Jezebel piece but are also al lof it’s ancestral lines as well as future offfspring( Athaliah et al).

    This family of spirits are all under thedirect controlof Belial(B). B acts like that of a puppeteer. While providing the three points( time,place and people) in the argumentsin the courtof heavenit simultaneously pulls the strings of the family to help insure that we remain in acircular pattern of sin, all while ejecting over and over….. and over this same family of spirits.

    Once we are able to see these vectors of time, land and people for representativesof the J family puppets we can begin to take the necessary steps to understand that all of them are elements of God’s Kingdom which he can and will deliver us, heal us and restore us. Which BTW is perhaps if led another post/


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