He who has died has been freed from sin. Romans 6:7 (NKJV)

The truth of God alone sets you free (Ephesians 2:13-16). Only God can penetrate the invisible boundaries of your spirit and soul and thereby rescue you from sin’s rule.

As you relinquish your area of bondage to God remember that the freedom you find in the Lord Jesus Christ will endure. It will stand fast.

The benefits of freedom in Christ may not be visible for a time. Anger may still flare; fear may still lurk in your mind; passion may still burn. But as you trust the Spirit of God to work in your life, results will come. The battle is yours to endure, yet the Holy Spirit will bring the victory. He is at work in your innermost being, even when you think all is lost. He will triumph as you trust in His strong arms to carry you.

Begin now to operate on the basis of God’s truth as revealed in the Scriptures and as you are empowered by the Holy Spirit. The truth can set you free forever.

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