The worst thing a person can do who has experienced rejection and deep emotional wounds is to ever turn to the church for counseling, friendship, advice, consoling, guidance, whatever it is you are looking for to help you. Unless you are among true Christian people who will give you biblical guidance along with sincere patience, love, and prayer, these counterfeits will cause you more harm and destruction because they are the devil’s agents who seek to destroy. Most churches nowadays are counterfeits.

Churches who are charging people money to counsel people is not legitimate either. Preachers who say they are preachers, not counselors- RUN, RUN, RUN!!! There should be older men in the church to mentor the younger men, and older women to mentor the young ladies.

Counseling and mentoring does not require a bunch of letters behind a person’s name. No college education is required. Good knowledge of the Bible is required. Secular psychology is not. Counseling and mentoring does require a personal relationship with the Lord, having spiritual discernment, and the Holy Ghost to guide and direct the elder. If you cannot be a friend and a teacher to a hurting person then you have no business calling yourself a counselor and taking money from someone, OR calling yourself a preacher. If you are preacher who refuses to counsel people then you need to leave the ministry and go find a regular job. -Admin-

In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of His grace. Ephesians 1:7 (NKJV)

In today’s Scripture reading, the apostle Paul summed up our position in Christ. We are chosen of God, sealed by His grace through the redemption of our souls.

There is a freedom that comes from being loved and accepted by another. But for this to take place, you must first have an understanding of just how much God loves you. During your lifetime, you have probably experienced some form of rejection. A parent who walked away when you were young, abuse that came at the hands of another, or a spouse who suddenly lost interest and filed for divorce—each represents deep emotional hurts that can keep you bound in fear.

However, difficulties such as these also carry a tremendous opportunity for spiritual growth and freedom, especially when you refuse to become bitter and angry. God knows the hurts you have felt, and He wants to heal your life. Every heartache can be used to teach you more about His unconditional love and acceptance.

Today can be your first day of true freedom. Give Him your hurts and failures, and He will set you free.

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