This is the duty of genuine Christians- to reach out to the down and out and hurting. To nurture them and bring them to the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Oh my oh my- how many more hurting people there are today and so many may turn to someone they believe is a Christian or walk into a church seeking the Lord’s help and there find out that God is not there. Church people and pretenders can seem so kind, attentive and compassionate in the beginning but to get caught up with these folks will lead to great destruction.

So many people are searching for genuine followers of Jesus Christ to assemble with and are finding it more and more difficult to find each other. Do not ever get involved with these counterfeits just so you can feel like you are “assembling” with other Christians. It will cost your life. You are better off keeping to yourself than to get tangled up in Satan’s mess.

When you earnestly seek the Lord in your life for all things He comes through in the most miraculous ways. If you get involved with counterfeits then the Lord will not be able to work in your life in the same way that He would when you have your whole heart relying on just Him. -Admin-

I will run the course of Your commandments, For You shall enlarge my heart. Psalm 119:32

All Paul had known as a boy growing up in a slum neighborhood was pain. Merciless beatings by his father, who ordered him never to cry, left him too bloody to crawl. By the age of ten, he was an accomplished thief and a hard drinker. At twelve, he murdered a woman as he took her money. It took the consistent nurture of a Christian couple and a friend who invited him to a Christian youth rally to help turn his life around. In his book Too Tough to Cry, Paul Powers tells about the night his screams of anger at God were met with unconditional love:

At that instant, all of the hurt and pain of thirteen years that had been held inside welled up in my throat. “Oh, God, no, I’m going to cry … I’m going to cry …but real men don’t cry.”

I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I fell to the floor and began to cry. I wept and wept and continued to weep. It was like a dam had burst inside, and the tears poured out of me. I kept moaning, “For give me, forgive me…”

Do you feel incapable of loving or reaching out for help? Jesus is the ONLY ONE who can heal that kind of crushing hurt and restore emotions.

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