Let my supplications come before You; Deliver me according to Your word. Psalm 119:170 (NKJV)

Behind the generation of electricity for a home or business is the power of nuclear physics. Behind the power of an automobile engine is the power of spontaneous combustion. In each instance the power of the truth substantiates the action.

For the Christian, behind the truth of the Scriptures is the power of the living God. His power saved you. The same power of God underwrites every word of the Scriptures. When you believe His Word for handling everyday obstacles, His same divine power works on your behalf.

When Jesus spoke, things happened—diseases healed, demons vanquished, sins forgiven, seas calmed. His power can conquer every fear, every doubt, every habit, every inordinate passion, every trembling heart, every lonely soul.

Whatever holds you in bondage cannot withstand the power of the Warrior of the Ages. You can have hope this very hour because the power of God is behind His truth and will work on your behalf as you embrace and cling to the Lord Jesus Christ. The risen Christ can and will liberate you from any bondage if you call on His all-powerful name.

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