Freedom from the past does not include being able to go around treating others in an ill manner and God will forgive you. If you are genuinely saved and filled with the Holy Spirit then the Lord will convict you to make restitution with those you have hurt.

Freedom from the past means freedom from the condemnation of sin… and this is not a license to sin. This means that we are free if we keep in close relationship to the Lord, REPENT when we sin and do not continue in the same sins that we came out of. Unlike us, the Lord considers one sin equal to another so even someone who has committed murder can be saved and go to heaven if they humble themselves, repent, and accept God’s gift of salvation. At this point then the Lord wants us to not be burdened by our past sins and to move forward forgetting our past before getting saved. Let your life of where you came and where you are going be a light and testimony to a lost world. -Admin-

I know that the Lord saves His anointed; He will answer him from His holy heaven with the saving strength of His right hand. Psalm 20:6 (NKJV)

In his book Living Free in Christ, Neil Anderson discusses our freedom as God’s children:

First, we are free from the law. The law says “don’t do this” in order to be righteous, but Galatians 5:1 says, “it is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.”

Second, we are free from the past. “Because you are sons, God sent the Spirit of His Son into your hearts, the Spirit who calls us out, ‘Abba, Father.’ So you are no longer a slave, but a son.” As children of God, we are no longer products of our past; we have a new heritage.

Third, we can be free from sin. The only means by which we are capable of doing this is to realize that we have been bought with a price and that the Holy Spirit now lives in us, enabling us to live our lives for Him, free from sin’s bondage.

But the choice is still ours. Say no to sin, and you will experience a freedom that our lost world can only dream of knowing.

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