Today’s devotional offers such excellent advice for all of us. The one thing it does not mention is that just because an individual has thousands of followers or a book that sells a million copies does not mean that the person is anointed by God or is using their gifts in the way the Lord would like them too. Think of it this way- con artists deceive most of us over and over again. We buy the product they try to sell us, or we take what they tell us as being truth and fact, or they succeed in winning us over because we like what we hear… all of which eventually ends in some kind of destruction sooner or later. To put it in terms of false teachers and false prophets- millions of people all over the world are following these people with more loyalty than they have for the Lord Almighty. They see no destruction for themselves up ahead as of yet but when the day comes it will be too late for anyone to make a u-turn.

Just because you are really good at something, and just because people all around you boast about how good you are does not mean that is what the Lord would have you to do. First, does it line up with the Word of God? Second, does it bring glory to the Lord, or to you? Third, are you making fishers of men? Dead fish? Or monsters? Are people’s lives changing and are people becoming more like Christ? Or is it all just pep talk? -Admin-

Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us, let us use them. Romans 12:6

Discovering your spiritual gift is the first step toward a lifetime of rewarding service in God’s kingdom. This discovery is not mysterious, arduous, or convoluted. God does not work to confuse you. He wants you to know and exercise your spiritual gift.

Your spiritual gift (or gifts) is usually in accord with your unique set of personal inclinations. If you like helping others, service is probably your motivational gift. If you enjoy study and investigation, teaching is more than likely your gift. If others consistently benefit from your counsel and correction, the gift of exhortation is a good place to start in your search.

The second best indicator of your spiritual gift is the verification of others. If you like teaching, but no one learns, you had better reconsider. If you enjoy leading, but no one follows, leadership and administration are not your calling.

Ask God today to reveal your spiritual gift or gifts. Examine your likes and dislikes, and seek the input of others. Above all, remember your gift is given and determined by the Spirit and is to be used to bring glory to God.

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