GOSSIP! It is maybe the biggest killer among the church. Gossip has definitely destroyed many personal relationships in my life and even job opportunities. People wag their tongues unless the lies and filthy talk is about themselves. The LORD HATES GOSSIP.

I have myself at times fallen prey to gossip. Gossip is garbage. Garbage in and garbage out. If you are responsible for causing harm to someone due to your uncontrollable tongue then it is your responsibility to make amends with the person you harmed. The Lord is giving people time to get their hearts right with Him and to straighten out broken relationships. People who are so stubborn and rebellious not to take advantage of the short time we have left to do this then later when they enter eternity they will wish they had humbled themselves and made an attempt to heal those broken relationships.

I have heard some “professing” Christian people say the most horrible things and literally even ‘egged’ people on to be angry and create division in relationships. So many people are full of demons or demonically influenced to be hateful, and to weave webs of lies into other people’s lives. The Bible says that liars will never see the Kingdom of Heaven. A whole lot of church people will surely be left behind when the trumpet calls if they do not wake up and repent. -Admin-

It is said: “Today, if you will hear His voice, Do not harden your hearts as in the rebellion.” Hebrews 3:15 (NKJV)

The Holy Spirit nudges you to avoid gossip and grumbling. You listen, but fail to obey. He brings Scriptures to your mind repeatedly; you are convicted, but gradually lapse into your habit. Over time, your spiritual sensitivity is dulled. The Word of God no longer penetrates your soul, much less brings pangs of conscience.

A hardened heart and numbed conscience are the dangerous consequences of regularly muffling the Holy Spirit’s persistent voice. If you procrastinate or have disobeyed so consistently that God’s Word no longer convicts or delights you, then you are in the perilous process of quenching the Spirit.

Quickly repent. Confess your sin, your habit, your neglect, and thank God for His restored fellowship. Surrender your rights to His lordship, asking Him to shape you into His image. Listen and respond instantly to the Spirit’s voice.

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