Is it no wonder that the majority of the church now votes for and lives in immorality? So many now support the murder of babies, and of homosexuality. America is committing genocide and professing Christian doctors are going along with it. Now that we have all these compromising unbelievers standing behind pulpits telling people pretty stories marriages are being destroyed, divorce and death rates keep going up and fewer people in all of history believe there is a Heaven or Hell, or rapture up ahead.

Professing Christian businesses need to be steered away from. They are some of the most dishonest and dangerous places to go.

Satan’s agenda is succeeding and for a few years things will look really good to most people but the Bible says that Satan is already defeated, and his big day ends at Armageddon. -Admin-

Whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men. Colossians 3:23 (NKJV)

In a watershed survey dealing with moral and ethical behavior for the Wall Street Journal, a 1983 Gallup Poll uncovered some astonishing results. The survey stated:

“The results show the churched to feel somewhat more likely than the unchurched that charging a company for a cab ride is wrong, but other differences are of only marginal significance… In the case of other types of behavior—lying, cheating, and pilferage—the differences are not significant or of marginal significance.”

It’s not wonder that the business world sees little compelling evidence that Christianity is a practical, valid faith for all of life, not just Sunday morning.

Because He is Lord of our lives, God’s wisdom, grace, and counsel are available for all of life, making us salt and light through the methods and quality of our work. God has given work supreme dignity. It was His idea. He has called you to work. Whatever the nature of your job, the reality of your faith is communicated.

Christianity works in the workplace. Ask Christ to equip you to be His witness to your coworkers, and your job will become not just a career, but a calling.

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