Do not most of us as a child look up to these people who stand in the limelight and think “Oh, I wish that I could be like him or her?” When I was a little girl there were many people that I “idolized.” Maybe for a time that might have been okay but what has happened with most of us is that we grow up into an adult and continue to “idolize” people and the Bible says this is WRONG!

Throughout my life I have on occasion been privy to meeting some well known people, and some people who worked with those people. Now that I am an adult God has really shown me the spiritual side of some of these people and about having “idols.” The word “star” in itself is very obnoxious. I do not know how that word became attached to celebrity personalities but the word “star” is also mentioned in the Bible as referring to Satan. Just something interesting to note.

I believe that most people do not realize how they are idolizing others. It needs to stop. The Bible says “that which is highly esteemed among men is an abomination to the Lord” (Luke 16:15). It will interfere in your relationship with the Lord. 99% of the time the person who is considered the celebrity is not at all the person they appear to be in front of a camera. Even those who began humble most often wind up in all sorts of turmoil that few people ever see or know about.

For many, many years I watched TBN’s Praise the Lord program and loved to see the guests. Now I realize how wrong and how fake it all was. Anybody can sit in front of a camera and tell a good story. This does not make it true. It makes them good actors. For example, I once knew a well known man who turned to preaching and who called me “a good friend.” He had in the past been a guest on TBN’s PTL program. Years later he dumped his longtime Christian wife (and children) to have an affair with some woman he met on the internet, but because he was considered a “celebrity” no one gave a crap what he did. Hello? But I refuse to tolerate this. People, your minds have to be drugged to be so mellow and uncaring to what is going on.

People will do and say anything if they think it will further their career and when dumb dumb idolizers are drooling over these people it only fuels ungodly egos. A lot of the time these people are in love with themselves. People get addicted and obsessed with the limelight, the attention, the lights being on them, the praise from people WORSHIPING them! ALL of which was part of Lucifer’s downfall.

If the worshipers would step back and observe these people off the camera then they would learn a whole lot about what spirit actually dwells in them and what kind of person they truly are. How do they behave, speak and conduct themselves outside of the famous or popular church click? What goes on in their homes, and in daily life? How much time do they spend with the Lord? What is the subject of their conversations? Are they using bad language? Are they telling filthy jokes? So many professing Christian people today are so desensitized to what is filthy (or evil) that most probably cannot answer this anymore. How often do they remember the Lord in their conversations? Are they drinking booze? Or hanging around in nightclubs? Do they dress modestly as the Bible tells us to do or are they trying to show off something? How do they treat other people who are not famous and what are they saying about those people when they are not around? How do they treat the opposite sex?  Are they more receptive to physically pretty people? Or do you see them reaching out to the outcasts, the poor, the hurting, and the elderly? Or are they just “appearing” kind to these people because someone they want to impress may be watching them? Most of the time their kindness only extends as far as your praise or monetary donation for them. It is almost unheard of anymore that these people are genuinely Christian. When are people going to wake up and get enough sense to say to others who are in trouble “Hey, I love you but I have to tell you that what you are doing is wrong? Please get yourself back on the straight and narrow path?”

Satan is all about “images.” Cameras, appearances, and images are very deceiving, and Satan is using FALSE APPEARANCES in the end times to deceive people into following him. He is using false appearances to make the world hate the true Christians.

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The ONLY SUPERSTAR we should have in our lives should be Jesus Christ. -Admin-

You, brethren, have been called to liberty; only do not use liberty as an opportunity for the flesh, but THROUGH LOVE SERVE ONE ANOTHER. Galatians 5:13 (NKJV)

Philip Yancey, an insightful Christian author, reflected in a Christianity Today article on the discrepancy between those who bask in the limelight and those who toil in seeming obscurity:

My career as a journalist has afforded me opportunities to interview diverse people. Looking back, I can roughly divide them into two types—servants and stars.

The stars include NFL football greats, movie actors, music performers, famous authors, TV personalities and the like. These are the ones who dominate our magazines and our television programs.

I have also spent time with servants. People like Dr. Paul Brand who worked for twenty years among outcasts—leprosy patients, the poorest of the poor in rural India … Or relief works in Somalia, the Sudan, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, or other such repositories of world-class suffering.

But as I now reflect on the two groups—stars and servants—the servants clearly emerge as the favored ones, the graced ones. They work for low pay, long hours, and no applause, “wasting” their talents and skills among the poor.

But somehow in this process of losing their lives, they have received the peace that is not of this world.

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