Many people who scream “DON’T JUDGE ME!” tend to ‘judge’ others in the wrong way. They judge based on appearances. Appearances are very deceiving. Almost anyone knows how or can learn how to behave like a good little Christian should. Satan knows how to do it too, but a person’s true heart and spirit are eventually revealed in their actions. We should be more concerned about what the Lord thinks of us than what others think or say about us. We cannot control other people’s vicious tongues. All that matters is focusing on our own relationship with the Lord. Generally the people who parade the loudest like they are living on a variety show are not genuine. In order to remain on the straight and narrow you have to forget what other people are doing or what the church or society is allocating as the ‘new thing’ or acceptable and keep focused on the Word of God, the Lord, and the ‘old paths’ as the Word of God tells us to do. -Admin-

For the Lord does not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart. 1 Samuel 16:7 (NKJV)

A former military commander spoke of the dignity and honesty that should grace the life of any individual. “When I stand before God,” he said, “He won’t ask me for my ‘résumé.”

His remark is profoundly simple and relevant. While we tirelessly work at enhancing our performance, God is concerned with a far more accurate barometer—the heart.

This should give hope and inspiration to any man or woman who wants to be used by God. You don’t have to possess a college degree, attend a mega church, or master the Greek and Hebrew languages of the Bible. God’s requirement is a pure heart, a hunger and thirst to know and serve Him without consideration of reward.

Whoever you are, God can and will use you in an eternal, meaningful way if you maintain childlike faith and dependence on HIM. That is His primary requirement for spiritual greatness.

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