WOW! What an excellent message the author of this devotional has shared today. This lesson is totally opposed to what is going on in the churches today. Preachers and ‘praise teams’ think themselves to be the ‘greatest’ amongst the church. People want to be PAID and recognized for any little thing they do.

You know in past generations church secretaries and cleaning crews were not monetarily paid for their work. People WILLINGLY SERVED with their time not because they thought themselves better than others but just because they wanted to be part of God’s work in some way. In the past I, myself, volunteered my time outside of working a full-time job. Anyone who is sincerely wanting to serve the Lord won’t be there for the money. In fact, with exception to the pastor of course, I find it pathetic that the churches have made themselves such a big business that people expect and demand to be paid. God’s house should NEVER be a business, but as long as people expect money in return for their work then it is a business and should be treated as such by the government.

Churches today want to have it all— TAKE and give little to nothing back. It should be all give and no take. Why should I give money to people who are heaping up riches for themselves? The fact that the government has allowed these churches to slip by for as long as they have without paying taxes on all their less than legitimate or godly business going on is the hand of God giving people time to repent. We are seeing the results of the big business churches right now. It gives the government legal rights to dictate what is said in the pulpit.

Today even the preachers do not preach because God called them. Many preach because they want to get rich quick and be recognized just like politicians- ‘motivated by greed and power.’ No one can honor God, or serve God until they first learn humility and servanthood. As a Christian, you must always be a humble servant. It’s not an exam that you pass and then you become famous as so many behave. All these people who are so puffed up with themselves, money, fame, ‘fans’…. they do not know the Lord at all. -Admin-

He who is greatest among you shall be your servant. Matthew 23:11

Those who chose roles in our nation’s government during the colonial days did so no the noble basis of public service. Compensation was small, and recognition was not the determining motivation.

How interesting that our notion of public service has eroded through the centuries. Now those elected to govern are usually motivated by greed or power. Once they are in office, their energies are focused on the maintenance of their position, not service to their constituency.

However, biblical servanthood is always cloaked in the garment of true humility. It is not self-seeking. Its real value lies not in pleasing or helping the one served, but in honoring the Master and reflecting His character.

Do you serve others so that you can be recognized for your efforts? Do you serve to gain position or acknowledgment?

You can maintain such humility only by cultivating an intimate relationship with the servant heart of Jesus Christ. The dearer Jesus is to you, the more you are enveloped in His holy humility. The more in awe you are of God, the less likely you are to succumb to pride.

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