Being a ‘servant’ is a preachers very first task. All Christians are called to be servants, but I am raising this emphasis on the preachers because they are the people who are supposed to be setting the examples to others. Unfortunately, the Bible says that in the last days these terrible things will happen and the preachers are the ones setting some of the poorest examples to others. Many preachers today refuse to be servants. Helping people, they say, is irritating. I am so appalled at what I see. It really is amazing to me that the Lord has allowed so much wrong to continue for so long but the reply I have always received when asking this question of ‘why’ is that God is giving people time to repent. Though few people are repenting. More people (a whole lot of them being church goers) are becoming more stubborn and more rebellious as we move closer and closer to the rapture of the church. -Admin-

A servant of the Lord must not quarrel but be gentle to all, able to teach, patient. 2 Timothy 2:24 (NKJV)

What bugs you? Whether it’s a neighbor who enjoys mowing his lawn at 7:30 on Saturday morning or a coworker who snaps her gum all day or a mate who always forgets to pick up after himself or herself, you are forced to deal with nagging irritations.

The most important principle to remember if you are to deal with minor irritants successfully is to view them as helpers in your spiritual growth. Each time you confront an abrasive person or circumstance, you must either lay down your personal rights or enforce them. That involves a denial of self and a yielding to the lordship of Christ. Your choice in such situations advances your growth in godliness or neutralizes it. You choose the way of humility and servanthood as Jesus did, or you proclaim your selfishness.

Irritations reveal the true nature of self. If accepted as God’s agents for maturity and obedience, they will scrape away the layers of pride, ego, and selfishness and reveal the pearl of genuine spiritual beauty.

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