Jealousy and envy are very dangerous symptoms to have. As I said yesterday I have seen so many people appear to be jealous of me throughout my life, and for what reason? Only God knows. In this Bible belt (devil town) where I live I have even seen PREACHERS behave with jealousy against me. Imitating me and taking credit for what was never their own ideas. These things can also be characteristics of a jezebel spirit.

Lucifer has always been very jealous of God. This is why there is a battle going on for our souls. As jealous people do, they imitate the one they envy. As the writer of this devotional has written, if you have problems with jealousy and envying others then you need to come clean with the Lord. You need to cut your ties with the world, material things and idols. It can and will destroy your relationship with the Lord if you refuse to lay it all down. -Admin-

David went out wherever Saul sent him, and behaved wisely. 1 Samuel 18:5 (NKJV)

Everything was going well for young David. King Saul had given him a position of authority. He also had access to the king’s household and often spent his evenings in the king’s presence. Saul was pleased with David’s allegiance until one day when he returned from war and overheard the people shouting: “Saul has slain his thousands, / And David his ten thousands” (1 Samuel 18:7 NASB). As a result of their cheers, Saul’s need for acceptance evolved into a toxic jealousy that ruled his life until his death.

The only way jealousy can flourish is to have an acceptable atmosphere in which it feels at home and can grow. In reality, jealousy is a symptom of a deeper problem. And while it needs to be dealt with swiftly, you also need to ask God to show you the root cause of any envy that has set up shop in your life. Usually pride is the taproot of jealousy, envy, and strife.

Only Christ can free you from the stronghold of pride and its cousins, jealousy and envy. If this is an area of concern in your life, be honest about it. Tell the Lord you want nothing to do with anything that keeps you from enjoying His fellowship. Pray that He will remove any hint of jealousy so that you may live free in Christ Jesus.

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