My yoke is easy and My burden is light. Matthew 11:30 (NKJV)

When an old worn-out tire is left on a car, the result is often a blowout on the highway. You’ve seen it before—shredded rubber everywhere. If someone had taken care of that tire a little sooner, the whole mess could have been avoided.

Do you ever feel like a tire that is about to burst apart? Or one that already has? If so, you may be headed for emotional, spiritual, and physical burnout. Here are some steps to help you evaluate your situation:

Get away and reappraise your life. Take some time off, as much as possible, and make a list of everything you perceive to be an obligation. Write down how much time and energy each activity takes.

Look for a pattern. Are you more involved in a career or hobbies? Do you balance work and play? What preference do you give to spiritual activities?

Ask God to give you insight on His priorities. What other people think doesn’t matter; what God wants you to do is of primary importance.

Through His Word and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, He will show you what areas need adjustment. Before pressure makes you pop, go to the ONE who gives true rest to your soul, and He will steer you away from collapse.

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