I have seen so many people who profess to be Christian and yet they have serious envy and jealousy issues going on so this makes me wonder how sincere their relationship with the Lord truly is.  Most people live above their means, or cheat, lie and steal in order to “impress” others with titles and material possessions. None of these things will save you. In fact, envy and jealousy will drive you into more sin and more wickedness. It can become witchcraft.

One of the supernatural and awesome parts of being a Christian is when you learn to be content with the job, home and clothing God gives you. There is always bigger things out there in the world and Satan can make them shimmer and look really good to the person who is not under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Most people who have all the money and all the big, expensive toys in life tend to be the most unhappy, and have a most troubled or non-existent relationship with the Lord. It may be because God did not bring us into this world to play a game of “Who Can Gain the Most Toys.” He brought us into this world to witness for Him, to win souls for Jesus and to live with Him for an eternity if we will choose to do so. What you do with your time on this earth is up to you, but God blesses based on your MOTIVES with how you spend your time and how you use the money that He gives to you.

People with wicked, selfish motives often “appear” to be living a good life, but their “good life” is very temporal. There will come a time when they will be crying, screaming and blaspheming the Lord in pain unless they change their hearts and come to Jesus.


Now we have been delivered from the law, having died to what we were held by, so that we should serve in the newness of the Spirit and not in the oldness of the letter. Romans 7:6 (NKJV)

Before salvation, you were captive to the sin of envy—wanting what you could not have, desiring what others had. After salvation, you still experience the same problem, but you are all the more miserable because you realize God condemns the SIN of COVETOUSNESS.

The path to victory lies in the purpose and work of the Cross. You have been raised with Christ—made a partaker of His resurrection power. By faith in what God accomplished by the Cross, you can put on the new person—alive to God, filled with the Spirit, made in the image of God.

Living the crucified life is a bold act of faith. You may feel envious and be mentally assaulted by it. But now with Christ in you and you in Christ, you have a new source of power to cope with the problem. YOU CAN OVERCOME; you can conquer; you can be content.

It is supernatural living—to be experienced, not understood—as you choose to present yourself and your affections to Christ each day as one alive from the dead.

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