Therefore, having been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. Romans 5:1

The blood, agony, and torture of the cross of Christ are well know, even to unbelievers and adherents to other religions. The Cross, however, was far more than mere historic melodrama. Its significance lies not in the emotional experience of the participants but in the reality of what God accomplished through His Son’s death.

At the cross of Calvary, our sins were forgiven. The penalty of sin was death. Christ suffered that divinely decreed punishment on our behalf, thus enabling God to forgive us of our  transgressions based on Christ’s substitutionary sacrifice.

At the Cross death was defeated. Since Christ tasted the bitter dregs of death at Calvary and rose again three days later, death no longer reigns over those who trust in Him. Christ triumphed over the grave, and we who come to Him for salvation share in that awesome conquest.

Perhaps you have viewed the Cross with supreme sympathy for our suffering Messiah but never understood what His death entailed. If so, realize today that on the cross Christ died for your sins and overcame death. Come to Him for forgiveness of your sins, and gain the gift of eternal life.

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