I have come to learn the true meaning of suffering for Christ’s sake. True suffering is when the church kicks you to the curb and makes you an outcast, or murders you, or imprisons you, or when family disowns you, or a good friend betrays you, or when you lose absolutely everything in life including your job and health for His Name’s Sake. And yet, in spite of your weariness, exhaustion, and heart wrenching pain the Spirit of the Lord drives you to be bold as a lion and keep proclaiming the saving truth of the gospel. That is what real suffering for Jesus means. -Admin-

To you it has been granted on behalf of Christ, not only to believe in Him, but also to suffer for His sake. Philippians 1:29

We all want to experience true meaning in life. It is exactly because suffering seems to have no meaning that we seek to recoil from it.

What meaning can there be in another miscarriage? What meaning can there be in still another financial setback? What meaning can be found for the person who has to use a wheelchair because of a drunk driver?

The meaning is this: we were placed on this planet to know and glorify God. As we suffer and turn to Christ, we accomplish both goals—to know Him intimately and to glorify Him. When our chief desire is to glorify God, suffering is only another means to achieve that end.

You can redeem your suffering, give meaning to it, and rescue it from emptiness by realizing that your pain can be used to glorify Jesus.

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