Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him. Job 13:15

Troubles are the earthly gymnasium that exercises our heavenly faith. In the crucible of adversity, God is looking for faith in His goodness, sovereignty, plan, love, and grace.

R. C. Sproul writes in Surprised by Suffering:

God was asking Job to exercise an implicit faith. An implicit faith is not blind faith. It is a faith with vision, a vision enlightened by a knowledge of the character of God. . .

God deserves to be trusted. He merits our trust in Him. The more we understand of His perfections, the more we understand how trustworthy He is.

That is why the Christian pilgrimage is one that moves from faith to faith, from strength to strength, from grace to grace.

Trusting God in the dark when you doubt, when you do not understand, when you are ready to crumble at any moment, is the stamp of true faith. It rests on the faithfulness of God. You can trust Him because He is trustworthy. You can depend on Him because He is dependable.

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