Matthew 14:22-34

But immediately Jesus spoke to them, saying “Be of good cheer! It is I; do not be afraid.” Matthew 14:27

Paul Tournier, the eminent Swiss doctor, wrote in his book, The Adventure of Work, a profound assessment of the Christian life: “Life is an adventure directed by God.”

The seed of life-changing faith is contained in such a view. It can be the difference between a confident, rewarding life or a timid, fretful one. When confronted with perplexity, it can be the hinge upon which swings the response of either fear or faith.

Fear comes when we are overwhelmed by the magnitude or implications of a situation. It swells to paralyzing proportions when we think of the possibility of disastrous consequences.

But once we understand and embrace the truth that God is indeed in charge of our circumstances and has equipped us for every challenge, it is amazing how faith in Christ can change our outlook. Life isn’t risk free. But God has set a divine course for every believer that He oversees and directs with perfect wisdom and love.

Our faith is in His faithfulness to us, in His power that works on our behalf, in His grace that provides all our needs. God is in charge. Life is an exciting journey in trusting Him as our Guide and Companion. Begin the adventure today, and drop your fears at His feet. He won’t let you down.

Father, there may be hard times ahead, but I know that You are directing my path, and I will not fear the future.

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