Psalm 30

I will extol You, O Lord, for You have lifted me up, And have not let my foes rejoice over me. Psalm 30:1

Sometimes God hides His goodness from us. He is not cynical or a hard taskmaster, but He wants to teach us to trust Him even when there is little evidence of His presence.

Perhaps you had hoped to purchase a new home, move to another location, buy a new car, or receive a promotion. Just when you thought God was opening a door of opportunity, He led you instead into a time of waiting.

You may not see His goodness as an immediate provision that you can touch, but it is there just the same. One of the most rewarding moments comes when God pours out His blessing on your life as a result of your faithfulness.

When you cling to the love and trust you have in Him, times of darkness lose their strength. Your FAITH holds because it is BASED on TRUTH and NOT what you SEE or FEEL. You don’t have to live on your emotions, which can lie and deceive. Instead you live by the timeless, unchanging Word of God.

There’s one way to true victory, and that is through faith and trust in JESUS CHRIST, not just for your salvation but for every moment of every day. Therefore, when you go through dark times, trust Him to make the way clear to you. You can expect His light to fall across your path (Psalm 119:105). His goodness is available and awaits all who walk the road of faith.

Lord, make the way clear to me in dark times. Let Your light fall across my pathway as I continue to walk the road of faith.

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