We all have hopes and dreams for our futures. Seems like everyone should have some of their dreams come true in a lifetime but sometimes not. I have been crying over ‘shattered dreams’ for at least twenty years. Just how many things can go wrong in one person’s life? Sounds too incredible to be true.

While having dreams and ambitions are all good and healthy, it is important to not lose sight of what really matters which is what Anne stated in her poem “…my hope and treasure lies above.”

We are living in the last moments of the last days. When we start complaining about how we did not get this or that then we start sounding like the young girl in the movie “The Prodigal Planet” who did not care that the rapture already took place and she was left behind enduring the horrors. She just kept complaining about everything she wanted.

There are so many things that I do not understand, but the ‘reality check’ is this “…my hope and treasure lies above,” not in this world. -Admin-

Psalm 121

Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him. Even so, I will defend my own ways before Him. Job 13:15

Anne Bradstreet, the greatest female poet of colonial America, was a busy wife and mother. Yet in the middle of unrelenting duty and hardships, she poured out the passions of her heart in poetry that is still admired today.

On the night of July 10, 1666, she was awakened by terrible cries: “Fire! Fire!” After she and her family made their way to safety, she stood outside and watched the fast-moving flames consume everything they owned. The next morning she picked over the smoking ruins, finding the remains of keepsakes. Suddenly she was overcome with emotion and wept over the thought of the joys that were lost.

In her poem “Upon the Burning of Our House” notice what she comes to as she works through the pain of traumatic loss:

“And did thy wealth on earth abide? Didst fix thy hope on smold’ring dust?. . . Thou hast an house on high erect, framed by the mighty Architect . . . There’s wealth enough; I need no more; farewell my pelf, farewell my store. The world no longer let me love; my hope and treasure lies above.”

Even though tragedy had struck, God was taking care of Anne and her family. She also knew He would provide for the future. Do you have this same assurance? God waits for you to bring your shattered dreams to Him. And as you do, He touches your life with restoration and hope.

Here are my shattered dreams, Lord. Touch me with restoration and hope.

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