Today’s devotional says “You are called to be His messenger, encourager, and proclaimer.” This is true for all Christians, but it is especially true for preachers.

Most preachers today are a disgrace  to the position because they are so full of arrogance. They are worldly, and they refuse the obligations of their position. One of those obligations is mentoring and counseling- listening to the needs and hurts of individuals and encouraging them in the faith. A preacher told me once “Lady, I’m a preacher, not a counselor.” This man had no business being a preacher. If you cannot make time to speak to people one on one, then go get a regular job and stop pretending to be doing the Lord’s work because you are not!

All that preachers want to do today is to be “SEEN” and “HEARD” and “IDOLIZED.” In due time they will slip (Deuteronomy 32:35) because God will hold every self-proclaimed preacher to a higher degree of judgment. They will be held accountable for every individual they refused to help if they could have helped and every individual they have pushed away from the Lord. Read more about “The Role of a Preacher.”

This is yet another great tragedy in our day because the haughty attitudes of these preachers are turning unbelievers away from the Lord. Pride and arrogance is what caused Lucifer to fall. -Admin-

Psalm 19

Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord, my strength and my Redeemer. Psalm 19:14

If you could not speak a word, what would your life say to others? Would anyone know something is different about you, that you are a Christian?

We are constantly communicating something. The way we walk into a room tells a great deal about how we feel about ourselves. The way we listen to others communicates whether we are interested or bored.

Nonverbal communication is powerful. Jesus was and is an excellent nonverbal communicator, not just because He understood the heart of man, but because He took time to listen to the hurts and needs of those around Him. He touched people with His hands as well as His heart. He encouraged them with an eternal message of hope. Actions do speak louder than words.

Communicating God’s forgiveness and love was the cornerstone of Christ’s ministry on earth, and it is yours as well. The Great Commission has been given to each and every one of us.

You are called to be His messenger, encourager, and proclaimer. Maybe not all at once and maybe not to a foreign country, but certainly when the need arises, you are to share His love and forgiveness to a hurting and dying world. Therefore, pray that God’s love will be the first and last thing others see in you.

Lord, may Your love be the first and last thing others see in me.

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