Mark 4:35-41

He calms the storm, So that its waves are still. Psalm 107:29

Jesus made it clear to His disciples that they would go to the other side of the Sea of Galilee. However, when the storm clouds gathered and winds approached gale force, the disciples lost all vision about where they were going and who had sent them there. The growing swells of the sea and the darkness of the night led them to believe death was a certainty.

The storm must have been tremendous to frighten the seasoned fishermen. Yet Jesus was not taken off guard nor was His deity challenged by its severity. When the disciples woke Him, they were amazed at His ability to command the wind and sea to stop their raging.

Their eyes had been focused on their physical circumstances and not on the One who had the power to rescue them. Jesus could have told them the storm was coming, but He chose to wait and allow them to react to what seemed an impossible situation. Their faith had to be tested, and they had to learn that Christ was their only Source of help in time of trouble.

Many times, life’s afflictions are not the result of sin. The disciples did nothing to cause the storm. In fact, they were very much in the will of God. If the climate of your if stormy, ask the Lord to reveal the reason for the tempest. In times of testing, God is preparing you for greater service.

Dear Lord, You are my only Source of aid in times of trouble. I call on You for help.

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