This story about the shepherd and the lost sheep gets me to thinking about some things. For one, the shepherd was held accountable to the owner for each sheep. So are pastors! But today’s preachers behave like they are accountable to no one except possibly another man who sadly is often as screwed up in their doctrine and morals as they are. What good is it to hold yourself accountable to a man who will comfort your sins and mistakes? This is not genuine love or concern. Preachers behave as though God will never judge them, and they seem to think they are justified in all the abominations they commit.

Preachers are supposed to be the “shepherds” over their flock and they will be held accountable for every person they have turned away from God, and for every person they never preached the truth to, and for every person they shut the door to, and much, much more.

Probably most of today’s preachers are going to have an awful lot to account for when they face God. Rev. Turner in the movie series “A Thief in the Night” is a perfect example of this.

Preachers or anyone who know the truth now but reject the truth will be unlikely to accept the truth during the tribulation period because God is now blinding the eyes of people who are rejecting truth so that they will be incapable of ever being able to see the truth. The eternal decision is being made right now.  The clock is winding down. There may not be tomorrow to make that decision. -POR Admin-

Luke 15:1-7

The Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost. Luke 19:10

The Pharisees were appalled that Jesus associated with sinners. They publicly grumbled about Jesus’ actions to show their disgust for what they called loose, disreputable behavior. Sometimes He even ate meals with sinners and social outcasts.

Jesus responded immediately. He wanted them to understand that His real mission is to save lost mankind, all who recognize that they are separated from God by their sin and believe that He pays the price for them. Jesus wanted the Pharisees and scribes to know how much each lost soul means to Him, how much He is willing to do to restore the person to fellowship with God.

Jesus, the true Shepherd, compared His love for sinners to a shepherd boy searching for one lost sheep. This shepherd boy left his other ninety-nine sheep safe in the fold to seek the missing one. The shepherd was personally responsible for each sheep in his care. IF SOMETHING HAPPENED TO ONE OF THEM, HE HAD TO GIVE AN ACCOUNT to the owner of the flock. Imagine this boy’s relief and joy when he finally carried the wandering one home.

Jesus has this same love for you. He wants you to know your infinite value, to come to Him and rest in His care.

Thank You for Your love, Lord. I rest in Your care today.

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