John 3:15-17

But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Romans 5:8

Nicodemus had all that life could offer. Or at least he had enough to make him happy—that was, until Jesus appeared on the scene. He might have known something was missing in his life, but God’s presence through the life of His Son let him know for sure that something was amiss.

Maybe you have a good job, a loving family, and a nice home, but like Nicodemus, you feel that there has to be more to life. The good news is that there is much more to your existence than what you see and feel around you. There is an eternity waiting for you.

Nicodemus was probably a likable fellow. He had studied the Scriptures thoroughly and knew the Messiah would come to Israel. His desire to talk with Jesus was admirable. Though he came to the Lord under night’s covering, at least he came ASKING QUESTIONS and SEEKING TRUTH.

In the end, Nicodemus was one of the only two men to give our Lord a proper burial. And Nicodemus supplied the spices used in our Lord’s burial. However, the greater gift had already been given.

Jesus did this when He gave His life for Nicodemus and you. He became the atonement for Nicodemus’s sin. This is what Jesus does for you today. Will you accept Him as your Savior? If you have, will you now allow Him to be your living, resurrected Lord?

Jesus, You are my living, resurrected Lord. I praise You!

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