Galatians 6:7-9

You He made alive, who were dead in trespasses and sins. Ephesians 2:1

When we say yes to sin, we grieve the heart of God. Therefore, whenever we become tangled in sin, our first response should be one of grief and remorse, not just over what we have done but over WHOM we have hurt.

When you are tempted to sin, ask yourself, Who is the boss of my life? If Jesus Christ is and you really want to grow spiritually, then the desire to become involved with things that do not reflect God’s nature will fade over time.

Though each of us faces temptation periodically, saying no to sin should not be something we h ave to think over. Saying no comes easily when we realize that saying yes hurts Someone whose love we can’t live without.

Have you ever thought of God in this way, as Someone who loves you more than all the rest? That is why Jesus came: to demonstrate God’s personal love to mankind. His death at Calvary said it all. He bore our sins out of love and eternal devotion.

Oswald Chambers addressed the subject of the Cross:

The Cross did not happen to Jesus: He came on purpose for it. He is “the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.”

The center of salvation is the Cross of Jesus, and the reason it is so easy to obtain salvation is because it cost God so very much. The Cross is the point where God and sinful man merge with a crash and the way to life is opened, but the crash is on the heart of God.

Dear heavenly Father, help me to say NO to sin and YES to You. you are THE BOSS of my life.

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