Matthew 6:25-34

Godliness with contentment is great gain. 1 Timothy 6:6

When he was younger, he dreamed of success; but as life progressed, he became bitter and withdrawn. A series of unfortunate incidents led to disillusionment—a college scholarship he could not complete; a marriage that, at best, was shaky; and children he longed to love but did not know how.

These were only signs of a deeper problem—a lack of true contentment and peace with God. Now when most people are approaching retirement, he is forced to work a job he hates so he can pay bills. He always thought contentment was something he could buy and own, but he was wrong.

Even author and philosopher C. S. Lewis sought the solace of contentment, which he labeled “joy.” He had hoped to find it in a place or a state of mind, but instead he found it to be a Person, Jesus Christ.

Contentment comes to those who seek the things of God above the things of the world. It is the result of laying down earthly desires while cultivating a friendship with Christ.

As you think through your life, are you content? If nothing changed from this point, could you be satisfied with what God has given you? Remember, contentment abides where Jesus Christ is Lord of all. True contentment is ‘NEED’ oriented, not ‘WANT’ oriented.

Lord, help me to seek the things above instead of the things of the world. Help me to LAY DOWN my earthly desires and cultivate my friendship with You.

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