Romans 12:1-2

He who calls you is faithful, who also will do it. 1 Thessalonians 5:24

Ours is a world of satellites, lasers, cell phones, and ATMs. Faxes zoom across telephone lines, and computers arrange daily schedules with supreme accuracy. Because of all these things, we have learned to demand instant results.

The tendency to try to become super Christians within a very short time is grave. It is almost as if we believe that to please God, we must become “better” quickly. However, God does not work this way.

He wants love and devotion to overflow from our hearts naturally, not forcibly, turned toward Him. We cannot hurry or fax our way into spiritual growth. It takes time, quality time, spent with God.

This is how God weeds out old, sinful habits and replants His renewing truths within our hearts and minds. He knows that to produce maximum growth there must be maximum care and nurturing. God slowly reshapes our lives until they are molded into the image of His Son.

Never become discouraged by what seems to be a long time during your spiritual growth. God’s timetable is not ours. And if you will seek Him above everything else, you will receive all He has for you within His timing.

Lord, I want a relationship with You above all else. I want to receive all that You have for me.

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