John 18:25-27

I pray for them. I do not pray for the world but for those whom You have given Me, for they are Yours. John 17:9

Did you ever realize that the Lord knows about your failures before they even happen? When you really blow it, whether your failure is internal and spiritual or external and observable by everyone, you often feel an immediate sense of worthlessness or stupidity. Even worse, you feel as though you have disappointed God, and He expected better from you.

God knows your weaknesses and fallibilities. Even when your fellowship with Him is rich and full and you feel His direction in a powerful way, you are still prone to making silly blunders along the way. God is interested in your heart attitude after you make a mistake. Are you angry, sullen, or irritable, or do you pause to think things through and thank Him for another learning opportunity?

Yes, it can be painful to mess up, and you do feel silly sometimes. But your response to failure is the key to your future success. Look at the life of Peter, who denied that he ever knew Jesus. He committed a deliberate act of rejection, and Jesus welcomed him back with tenderness and open arms.

God allows you to mess up for many reasons, one of which is to encourage you to turn to Him for wisdom. Mistakes and goof-ups are continual reminders of your dependence on Him and of your need to accept yourself and others on the basis of His love and forgiveness.

Lord, use my mistakes as continual reminders of my dependence upon You and my need to accept myself and others on the basis of Your love and forgiveness.

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