Genesis 50:14-20

The Lord was with Joseph, and he was a successful man; and he was in the house of his master the Egyptian. Genesis 39:2

If you have been deeply hurt, you know healing takes time. But did you know that you cannot completely heal until you are willing to forgive the individual who hurt you? By forgiving, you are not saying that what he did was acceptable or even right.

Those who have suffered abuse know it is not easy to get past painful memories. However, if you want to experience true freedom, there must come a point at which you decide to let go of the bitterness and anger.

Joseph suffered during his imprisonment. He had been betrayed by his brothers and left in a pit. Rather than leave him there to die, they sold him to a group of traders, who took him to Egypt. For the first time in his life, Joseph was alone. The thought of his brothers’ rejection must have seemed incomprehensible.

However, “the Lord was with Joseph, so he became a successful man” (Genesis 39:2 NASB). Joseph did not spend his time thinking about what he could do to get even. He made the most of his situation without self-pity. By the end of the story, we learn that he not only forgave those who sought to harm him but also was used by God to save them.

God may not require this same type of action from you. Yet He does want you to learn to forgive. Until you do, you will remain captive. Forgiveness sets the heart and spirit free.

Father, place in my heart the ability to forgive as You forgive me. Help me let go of bitterness and anger.

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