John 8:1-11

She said, “No one, Lord.” And Jesus said to her, “Neither do I condemn you; go and sin no more.” John 8:11

Although scholars argue whether or not the woman caught in adultery was a setup by the Pharisees in order to trap Jesus going against the Law of Moses, the overarching theme is forgiveness. God’s love, mercy, and grace were all present and active. He did not condemn the woman but instead challenged her accusers to throw the first stone if one among them could be found without sin.

After the Pharisees departed, Jesus looked at the woman lying at His feet. It as not the first time she had committed such an act, but it was the first time she had appeared before Jesus. There was no doubt in her mind that He was a man of God. How exposed and embarrassed she must have felt, that is, until the Savior revealed His word of forgiveness and hope to her heart.

Perhaps there is something in your life you wish you could erase. Just the thought of it brings feelings of condemnation and sorrow. Adultery was an act that was punishable by stoning, according to the law, yet Jesus set the woman free.

He gave her a second chance, and this is what He gives each of us. If there is something you have done, know that when you bring it to God in prayer seeking His forgiveness, it is forgiven. God will never bring up the matter again. His Son’s death at Calvary was sufficient payment for all your sins. Only almighty God can love us this much.

O Lord, I thank You that Calvary paid for all my sins. Only You could love me this much.

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