Genesis 16

If You, Lord, should mark iniquities, O Lord, who could stand? But there is forgiveness with You, That You may be feared. Psalm 130:3-4

Abram and Sarai thought they were doing a good thing. After all, God promised them a son to be the heir of the promise and God’s special covenant. He didn’t specify exactly how this birth would come about, they must have reasoned.

Maybe Sarai was impatient. Maybe she struggled with waiting for such a long time. She could have simply felt inadequate for the task. So she proposed to Abram that he try to have a child with her maidservant Hagar, and he readily agreed.

What was the result? Hagar bore a son named Ishmael, who grew up to be a rival of Abram’s covenant family through Isaac. There has been no end of the trouble and fighting through the outworking of their sin in not trusting the Lord to fulfill His promise in His timing. God did bless them fully, but they always had the heartache and reminder of their attempt to go around God’s ways.

Have you ever tried to meet your needs outside God’s legitimate plan? You probably know the pain of that mistake, and you quickly learned why it is so important to trust the Lord fully. What is more important now is that you grasp His forgiveness through Christ. There is no such thing as a misstep so big you can never go back.

Don’t waste time living in guilt. Let God’s forgiveness free you to enjoy His good for you today.

Lord, I don’t want to waste time living in guilt. Forgive me so I can be free to enjoy the good things You have planned for me today.

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