Philippians 4:10-13

I have also trusted in the Lord; I shall not slip. Psalm 26:1

The philosophy of this world holds that we should strive for perfection so that even if we never reach our goal, we will at least perform well because we are reaching so far. But we should ask ourselves: Perform well for whom? Whom are we trying to impress?

Seeking perfectionism, longing for social or professional status, and desiring “success” as the world sees it invariably result in frustration. They often bring a gnawing feeling that you do not measure up, no matter your achievement. One accomplishment quickly fades into the demands of yet another challenge. This is not how God designed your body and spirit to function.

Frustration can be tricky. What you think is the source may be only a symptom. You may dislike yourself now because of an erroneous perception you’ve developed over many years. You may dislike your current circumstances because of erroneous preconceived notions. God may be allowing your frustration because you have not dealt with past sin or because you are living outside God’s will.

There is no human solution for frustration. There are no adequate self-help sessions or books. Only God can reveal to you the invisible wall into which you keep colliding. Humbly kneel before Christ, and ask Him to reveal your real source of frustration and His remedy for it.

Dear heavenly Father, reveal my source of frustration and Your remedy for it. Show me the invisible walls into which I keep colliding in my Christian walk.

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