Psalm 68

See, I have inscribed you on the palms of My hands; Your walls are continually before Me. Isaiah 49:16

Loneliness wears many different faces. There is the loneliness that comes from being physically isolated. There is a deep, psychological loneliness that results from emotional abandonment. We may feel spiritually alone or uneasy when we are operating outside the will of God. A spiritual sense of loneliness can be one of the ways the Holy Spirit gets our attention and motivates us to return to God.

Finding yourself in opposition to God’s will can be very lonely. It also can lead to feelings of anxiety and fear. Don’t let Satan and his forces confuse you. God has a way planned to lead you out of every dark situation, but it requires humility and trust in Him to be your Source of help. He will take your loneliness and use it as a tool to draw you closer to Himself.

If you have drifted in your spiritual devotion to the Lord, confess it to Him. Accept His love and forgiveness. Don’t be fooled by Satan’s lies. God can and will restore you fully and completely when you bring your sorrows and failures to Him. Even if you are struggling with certain feelings and have not yet given in to temptation, God can break apart the darkness that seeks to enslave you.

You have Someone who knows all about you, and He has chosen you as His beloved. Nothing comforts you more than knowing that God unconditionally loves and accepts you.

Dear Lord, be my Source of help in every dark situation. Take my loneliness, and use it as a tool to draw me closer to You.

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