Psalm 37:1-7

Delight yourself also in the Lord, And He shall give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4

A subtle thief of the contentment is boredom. Have you ever felt that a day was so dull that you just wanted to go to bed and wait for another one? Everyone goes through emotional periods of feeling listless or lifeless. But a chronic sensation of boredom may be a sign that you are lacking much needed spiritual freshness.

Carole Mayhall comments on boredom in When God Whispers:

Boredom can rob a person of joy. Apathy may not sink my boat, but it can becalm me and cause despair as the wind is taken out of the sails of my life . . .

Three things will bring rejoicing to our souls: (1) God’s very presence, (2) His world around us, and (3) people! God’s promise to be present with us always can bring comfort and delight. So can the complexity and variety of His creation: a flower, a the misty rain, the billowing clouds. Sometimes we may have to look hard into some of the people we encounter, but as we ask, God will help us delight in them, too. These are the three pools of delight we can bathe in when we’re young and strong, old and feeble, or incapacitated or ill.

Anytime. Anyplace. Any condition. I’ll probably have to remind myself often when dullness of soul creeps over me, but the truth is that God provides no excuse for boredom!

If you’re feeling burned out and unexcited by life, ask the Lord for His renewal today.

Lord, You have filled my life with Your exciting wonders. Renew my spirit and help me to see them.

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