Psalm 32

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you with My eye. Psalm 32:8

God’s care for you includes His specific instructions for your life. If you think about it, we never read about Jesus hurrying here or there. He was not taken aback by the circumstances of life. Nor was He swayed by the opinions of others. That is because the focus of His life was set on His heavenly Father and not the approval of those around Him.

When you find yourself in a burdensome situation, refuse to respond to the adversity from the depths of your intellect. If you can, step away from the problem. Try to take a walk or a drive, and ask God to clear your mind of opinions and prejudices that would keep you from viewing the situation from a positive standpoint.

God always has something good in mind for the challenges we face. He is creative and in control. He wants you to learn to bring your problems to Him in prayer and not rush into a situation that produces a heated argument.

Just as we encourage our children to “have a time-out” whenever they are frustrated and overwhelmed, we should do the same.

Chances are, there is a reasonable solution for every event you will face. For the times that are too traumatic, God provides the strength and knowledge you need to get through each incident.

Lord, help me to change my focus from concern for the ‘approval of others’ TO concern for ‘YOUR approval.’ I set the focus of my life on You.

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