Romans 8:35-39

He loves righteousness and justice; The earth is full of the goodness of the Lord. Psalm 33:5

Here is the truth about God’s goodness: it always seeks to encourage and lift up rather than tear down or condemn. Romans 8:1 reminds us that “there is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus.” God knows the times you struggle, and He longs to pour out His encouragement and hope over your life.

In the light of this goodness, nothing has the power or ability to separate you from the love of God (Romans 8:35, 38-39). His power securely keeps you. Nothing is strong enough to deter His help when you call to Him. Does this mean that you will never face hardship? No, but it does mean that in times of difficulty, God will be near enough to hear even the whispers of your heart.

Never view Christ as a stern, unloving judge. Jesus was very quick  to point out that He came to save, not to judge the world. Once you accept Him as your Savior, the only judgement you will ever attend is the one where God rewards your faithful love and devotion toward Him and His Son.

Can you step away from God’s goodness? YES. Because the Lord has given each of us a limited free will, we can choose to turn from God. However, God will never turn away from you. You may be troubled by a situation that seems uncontrollable, but God holds the solution, and He will provide the hope you need as you turn to Him.

Lord, I am so grateful that You will never turn away from me. You hold the solution to every situation. You will provide the hope I need.

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