Proverbs 3:11-13

Blessed is the man whom You instruct, O Lord, And teach out of Your law. Psalm 94:12

When a friend is suffering, we often seek ways to alleviate the emotional and physical pain. However, many times God wants that individual to go through the process of suffering so he will learn how to trust Him better. Does this mean He is a bad God? No. In fact, it proves the opposite.

Without the presence of difficulty, we would forget just how much we need the Lord. As long as most people have their immediate needs met, they do not think of crying out to God for His assistance. But let the winds of adversity blow across their lives, and they are quick to run to Him.

The Bible admonishes us not to despise the discipline of the Lord. God uses discipline to train us and shape our lives so that we reflect His mercy and grace to others. Therefore, stepping in and rescuing someone who is going through troubled times can actually block that person from receiving the blessings of God. Next time you are tempted to intervene, even if that person is a family member or friend, take time to pray for that individual, or He may show you the best way to help. Being sensitive to His Spirit puts you in a position to be used greatly by God. When you know have given the other person to the Lord through prayer, you have given the greatest gift of all.

Dear Lord, use divine discipline to train me and shape me so that I reflect You mercy and grace to others. Show me the best way to help others who are experiencing Your discipline.

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