Acts 9:1-20

And Ananias went his way and entered the house; and laying his hands on him he said, “Brother Saul, the Lord Jesus, who appeared to you on the road as you came, has sent me that you may receive your sight and be filled with the Holy Spirit.” Acts 9:17

Many Christians like playing it safe by gathering as many facts as possible, analyzing the options, and making choices in order to be reasonably certain of the outcome. We have declared uncertainty and risk undesirable because they could end up causing loss. The loss might involve suffering caused by a unwanted result or missing a desired outcome. It might have to do with appearing foolish or incompetent, incurring financial loss, or encountering physical danger.

From a human viewpoint, eliminating uncertainty makes sense. But how does God view uncertainty? Are there times when we’re to take risks? The answer is a resounding yes, when He is the one asking us to take risks. From God’s viewpoint, there’s no uncertainty, because He has control over all things and He will never fail to accomplish His good purposes.

The Bible is full of real people who took risks to obey the living God. One was Ananias, a disciple sent by God to minister to the newly converted Saul. Ananias risked his reputation and his life. Another was Saul himself, who was commanded to preach to the Jews the very gospel he and they had so violently opposed. By focusing upon God, His character, and His promises, both of these men obeyed, despite uncertainty, doubt, and fear.

We’re not going to grow in Christian maturity without learning to live with uncertainty and being willing to take risks. What risk is God asking you to take? Won’t you step out in obedience and face the future in faith?

Lord, make me willing to take risks. Help me focus on You, Your character, and Your promises despite my uncertainties, doubts, or fears.

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