Matthew 2:1-12

That was the true Light which gives light to every man coming into the world. John 1:9

Has anyone ever given you a birthday party? Most likely, at some point in your life, you discovered the joy of having your friends and family gather together to celebrate your birth. How did that make you feel? By celebrating your birthday, they testified to the fact that your very existence has made their own lives somewhat better.

Now, a second question: Have you ever been to a birthday party to which the birthday boy or girl was not even invited? Of course not! What sense would it make to throw a party to celebrate someone and then fail to invite the guest of honor?

Today is Christmas. Chances are, you have already attended one or two Christmas parties, or maybe you have one scheduled for later today. Do you realize what a Christmas party is? Is it a simple gathering of friends? A chance to exchange presents? An hour of free time in the middle of a workday? If any of these describe the gathering that you attended, then you have not been to a real Christmas party.

A Christmas party is the ultimate birthday extravaganza! We celebrate Christmas because we want to testify that Jesus’ existence has made our own lives infinitely better. Was Jesus at your Christmas party this week? Take a moment right now to escape the hustle of the holiday and rejoice in your Savior’s birthday.

Lord, You came wrapped in rags so that I could have eternal life. If my wrappings and glitter are not about You, then help me to readjust my focus. Thank You for this great gift.

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