Psalm 18:1-15

I will call upon the Lord, who is worthy to be praised; So shall I be saved from my enemies. Psalm 18:3

In the movie version of Shadowlands, which portrays the endearing relationship between Christian apologist C. S. Lewis and Joy Gresham, a friend commented to Lewis that God finally answered his prayers. As part of his response, Lewis said, “Prayer doesn’t change God—it changes me.”

How profound and true that is! Your communication with God is your intimate connection with Him, and He allows you to participate in the work that He is doing and even to see His actions in relationship to your prayers. God hears and answers every prayer, but His purposes in prayer go far beyond just giving you a measurable response.

God wants to transform your life through the process of prayer. Your personal relationship with Christ is deepened and enlarged when you spend time talking to Him. As you come into His presence with reverence and a quiet heart, ready to listen, He begins to purify your heart and sift your priorities. You develop a passion for obedience to God, and you begin to see Him as the Provider for all your needs.

Most importantly, you experience the peace that comes from knowing God is in control (Philippians 4:6-7). Your anxiety melts away as you learn to trust Him. These are just some of the ways God uses prayer to change your heart. The more you pray, the more transformations you’ll discover.

Lord, I am so thankful that, through prayer, You allow me to participate in the work You are doing around the world. Transform my life. Deepen and enlarge my relationship with You.

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