James 2:20-24

A man who has friends must himself be friendly, But there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. Proverbs 18:24

The Bible gives us many examples of friendship. God called Abraham His friend (James 2:23). Aaron and Hur stood by Moses’ side and supported his hands to ensure victory in battle (Exodus 17:12). David and Jonathan are a well-known example of friendship (1 Samuel 18).

These friendships were more than casual relationships. In the midst of difficulty or hardship, they offered support and strength for each other. When we take time to establish a deep, mutual relationship, we have someone whom we can depend on and who will stand with us no matter what we might face.

We need to be careful as we choose our friends, because they impact our lives. They bring enjoyment, delight, and pleasure. Friends can help us learn how to get along with other people, how to give and take, and how to relate more intimately. They can drive us, motivate us, disillusion us, distress us, or even destroy us.

We all want to feel accepted and loved. If you build a friendship based on a need that you have, it will not last. When the need is satisfied, you grow weary of the friendship, or you will become dissatisfied if the need is not being met.

Take the time to build true, genuine, devoted, and loyal friendships, and your life will be immensely blessed by the effort.

Lord, the friends I choose either help anchor my faith or create barriers between You and me. Help me to choose wisely those with whom I spend my time.

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